Industrial vane axial and tube axial inline duct fan and blowers engineering sales. High temperature stainless steel blower fans and fiberglass inline vane axial heavy duty fan ventilators. Sales of industrial roof and wall propeller axial ventilator and vaneaxial fans.


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Vaneaxial fans
Axial flow ventilators in tubular housing for ventilation purposes utilizing ductworks, where large volume of air is to be moved and can handle statis pressures up to 6 iinches of water colimn.  Vaneaxial fans achieve mechanical efficiencies in the range of 80% compared to the 70% attained by tubeaxial fans.

 Sales of multi-stage pressure blowers and side channel blowers.
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Canada Blower Co. offer a complete line of high temperature fans and blowers for industrial ventilation applications:
  Canada Blower HPBA Turbo Pressure Blower is designed for applications requiring lower volumes and higher air pressures. This pressure blower is constructed with an aluminum radial air handling fan wheel and is designed to handle clean air applications for temperatures up to 200°F (93°C).

Canada Blower HPB series of fans are low volume, high-pressure blowers designed for stable operation throughout their operating range. Multiple blower outlet sizes and wheel diameters allow the most efficient selections across a wide range of operating points. These units incorporate a high efficiency blower wheel design at an economical price.

Typical Applications are:

• Pneumatic conveying
• Chemical processes
• Exhausting
• Thermal oxidation
• Combustion air
• Aeration
• Air knives
• Seal air

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