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Roof ventilator fan
Roof mounted axial flow ventilators used for general ventilation of factories, shops, warehouses, and other industrial and commercial facilities.

Sales of OEM industrial and turbo fans and blowers ventilators; high temperature pressure blowers and high temperature plug fans; oven exhaust fan blowers; filtered air make-up fan blowers.
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Canada Blower FDP fiberglass panel fan is constructed from a corrosion-resistant FRP resin and utilizes a Type FG fan propeller. The resin used for the FPD is resistance to a large variety of alkalis and other chemical agents. When a corrosion resistant fan is required to withstand chemicals that attack glass or polyester resin, special plastic and reinforcing material can be supplied.

Corrosion resistance is the primary consideration when selecting a fiberglass fan. The standard resin used is selected for resistance to a large variety of corrosive agents. When a corrosion resistant fan is required to withstand chemicals which attack glass or polyester resin, Canada Blower special construction features can be supplied. All thes fans have housings and fan wheels made of continuous glass lay-up using a combination of fabric-woven roving and mat

Advantages of Canada Blower Fiberglass Fans:

• Superior corrosion resistance to gases and vapors.
• Lower maintenance costs.
• More economical than stainless steel construction.
• Lighter weight than steel.

Model FBD – Type FG Canada Blower Tubeaxial Fan is the standard FRP belt driven tubeaxial with many years of proven success in numerous and varied HVAC applications. It is furnished with the efficient semi-pressure type FG 7-bladed propeller on sizes up to 48 and the type FG 6-bladed propeller on sizes 54 and 60. For the medium performance range requirements, these fans generally run at a slightly higher speed than the type TF models, but have an economical advantage in many ventilation applications.