OEM and industrial processs fans, high capacity blowers, ventilators sales for high pressure and high temperature usage. Sales of Twin City TCF fans and blowers, New York Blower NYB high capacity fans, Northern Blower nisco ventilation fans - rood top and wall exhaust and supply fans and ventilators. Replacement fan, blower, ventilator wheel baldes and impellers.


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Industrial pressure blowers, commercial ventilation fans, high-temperature industrial centrifugal pressure blowers, Buffalo Blower pressure blowers Canadian Blower OEM industrial fans


Call us today: 1-888-763-1800    E-mail: olegsystems@olegsystems.com

Supplier of regenerative blowers, positive displacement blowers, Acme fans, Delhi fans, fiberglass fans / FRP blowers, Plastec Propylene fan ventilators, American Coolair ILG ventilators & fans, Grainger ventilators, explosion proof blowers, power roof ventilators, replacement fan bldes / blower wheels.

Economical small pressure blowers - Canada Blower APB series fans:
- AMCA "Type B" spark-resistant fan construction;
- Corrosion-free, no-maintenance blower;
- Non-toxic & non-magnetic aluminum fan construction;
- Not affected by cold;
- Performances to 4,000 CFM, 20" WG ;
- Strong and light weight blower construction;
- Belt drive fan arrangements available;
- For higher pressures we offer steel pressure blowers.
Industrial Blowers
- centrifugal and axial fan
- pressure blowers
- induced draft & forced draft fans
- high temperature and OEM
- stainless / FRP / special alloy blowers
Commercial Fans

- wall exhaust and supply fans
- roof ventilators
- propeller recirculation fans & ventilator mancoolers
- spun aluminum fans
- fire and smoke exhausters

Dampers & Louvers

- fan and blowers dampers
- louvers and shutters
- butterfly & vortex dampers
- electric / pneumatic actuators
- isolation / flow diverter fan dampers