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Canada Blower AFE ventilator fume hood inline exhaust fan is an ideal choice for successfully removing undesirable fumes and gases from laboratory hoods, kitchen hoods, process operations, foundry operations and many other ventilation applications. Canada Blower AFE ventilator is not intended as a substitute for proper pollution control equipment, but rather a means to exhaust low concentrations of potentially toxic fumes out of and away from occupied spaces.

Canada BlowerATA adjustable pitch tubeaxial fan is designed for clean air applications which permit the location of the fan motor in the airstream. The ATA blower features a unique fan blade design that maximizes energy transfer to the airstream with minimum noise. The ventilator blade pitch can be individually manually adjusted while the fan is stopped. This feature allows the user to balance the present system while affording the flexibility of further possible fan blade pitch adjustment in the future.

The model ATA and ATABD fan blades have an everincreasing airfoil chord length from the blade root to the fan blade tip. The additional chord length is placed at the leading edge rather than the trailing edge of the blade so that when set at an angle, the widest part of the airfoil is at maximum rotational speed in close proximity to the fan casing. This very wide fan blade tip area allows the ATA and ATABD fans to maximize energy transfer to the fan airstream and minimize noise generation. The blower blade pitch can be individually manually adjusted while the fan is stopped. This feature allows the user to balance the present system while affording the flexibility of further possible pitch adjustment in the future.

The BSTA tubeaxial fan is specifically designed for cost effective, reliable air movement in commercial and light industrial ducted and non-ducted ventilation applications. This fan unit is available with cast aluminum or fabricated steel propellers to meet specific ventilation application requirements.