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Canadian Blower OEM industrial fans, roof and wall exhausters, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment.

Industrial paddle fan blower
Centrifugal blowers with various types of radial impellers are commonly built as AIR HANDLER and MATERIAL HANDLER.

  1. Air-handling fans are designed to move air or gas at high pressure. Application of these fans are in the areas of pollution control and other special equipment.
  2. Material handling fans are designed for use in air containing fibers, stringy and granular materials, as well as dust.
  3. High pressure blowers are used in the applications requiring lowIndustrial process high pressure blower or moderate air volume at pressure ranging up to 150 inches of water column. Typical applications include industrial combustion, pneumatic conveying, blast furnaces, air scrubbers, and many other special applications.

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Canada Blower series of high efficiency airfoil bladed fan wheels is acknowledged as the most efficient fan type for clean air applications. The double width fan configuration described boasts an enviable reputation for fan performance and reliability in a multitude of HVAC applications plus many industrial supply or exhaust ventilation systems.

With a smooth pressure curve, major changes in pressure will cause only minor changes in volume. The broad, high efficiency fan curve offers extensive selections from each fan size and also a wide operating range. The smooth stable air flow over the entire perform-ance range is the result of Canada Blower deep spun inlet, wheel cones and generous ventilator housing proportions. Fan sound levels are also diminished with the improved inlet air glide path.

Rugged blower wheels of continuously welded heavy gauge steel provide maximum integrity and longevity. Canada Blower wheels are also designed for high-cycle duty common with VFD control. Impeller assembly designhas been verified with a finite element analysis. Spun steel fan wheel cones optimize air flow while precision balancing assures dependable vibration-free operation. Strengthened ventilator housings have continuously welded heavy steel construction with rigid steel bearing supports. Stiff bracing resists distortion caused by sudden blower air flow variations.