Sale if high capacity large industrial ventilation and special fans, heavy-duty industrial process blowers, OEM special ventilators and industrial fans / blowers wheels, blades, impellers. Engineering sales of industrial turbo pressure blowers, high pressure radial fans, multistage industrial blowers and regenerative side channel high pressure blowers.


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Canadian Blower OEM industrial fans, roof and wall exhausters, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment.

Industrial paddle fan blower
Centrifugal blowers with various types of radial impellers are commonly built as AIR HANDLER and MATERIAL HANDLER.

  1. Air-handling fans are designed to move air or gas at high pressure. Application of these fans are in the areas of pollution control and other special equipment.
  2. Material handling fans are designed for use in air containing fibers, stringy and granular materials, as well as dust.
  3. High pressure blowers are used in the applications requiring low or moderate air volume at pressure ranging up to 150 inches of water column. Typical applications include industrial combustion, pneumatic conveying, blast furnaces, air scrubbers, and many other special applications.

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Canada Blower general purporse compact direct driven forward curved blowers:
- 8 sizes from 1/60 HP to 1.5 HP, from 20 to 1,000 CFM, up to 2" WG pressure;
- steel forward curved fan wheels with welded steel housings and industrial grade finish;
- designed for use as air replacement and air make-up in permanent istallations;
- can be used in duct installations for low-noise air moving applications;
- thermal overload protection, speed controllable;
- different fan discharge positions are available.

Regenerative Blowers
- Performances to 800 CFM @ 10 PSIG;
- Motorless models for belt drive fan applications;
- 2-Stage side chanel blowers for higher pressures.
Multistage Blowers
- Centrifugal multi-stage blowers for high volume & high pressure applications;
- Air volumes to 20,000 CFM, pressures to 35 PSIG;
- Up to 10 individual blower stages.
Blowers in Series
- Super high pressure regenerative and rotary lobe blowers in series;
- High volume centrifugal blowers in series for higher CFMs;
- HIgh temperature together with high pressure fan applications.
Rotary Lobe PD Blowers
- Up to 3,000 CFM @ 15 PSIG in single stage;
- 2-stage models for up to 25 PSIG pressure;
- High temperature blower models with heat exchangers between stages.
Industrial & OEM Centrifugal & Axial Fans & Blowers
- Up to 200,000 CFM to 4 PSIG pressure, to 1000 F operating temperature;
- Abrasion resistant, explossion proof, fiberglass & stainless steel ventilator models;
- Material handling fans; combustion pressure blowers .
High Temperature Fans
- Super high temperature (to 2,000 F) centrifugal and axial fans & blowers;
- Oven plug fans and air-kits;
- High temperature and high pressure radial blowers.