Industrial mancooler fans and mobile air circulators. Sales of lagre commercial cooling fans, pedestal air recirculators, explosion proof air circilator mancoolers, wall and roof mounted air circulating fan ventilators.


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Canadian Blower OEM industrial fans, roof and wall exhausters, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment, pressure blower HVAC, heating ventilation and air conditioning, industrial process and OEM blowers.

Industrial mancooler pedestal air circulator
Axial ventilators in tubeaxial housings for high velocity air blowing used as man-coolers, drying and air circulation applications.

Canada Blower portable mancooler provides a quality constructed axial flow fan mounted on a movable fan base. The fan design is similar to the duct fan (Canada Blower model TCDF ventilator) with a one-piece cast aluminum fan wheel mounted directly on the totally enclosed motor shaft. Both the inlet and the outlet are provided with screens as standard, fabricated to meet OSHA safety requirements. For ease of wiring, all motor leads are extended to the fan housing exterior and terminated there in a junction box. The fan’s swivel base allows for a full 360° rotation, thus providing airflow at any angle.

Canada Blower stationary fan mancooler can provide spot cooling or area ventilation while being mounted in an out-of-the-way location. Designed for either wall, column, ceiling or floor mounting, the stationary mancooler can be adjusted for airflow in any direction.

Similar in construction to its portable counterpart, the stationary mancooler is provided with a predrilled base plate for mounting to whatever structure is desired.

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The Canada Blower model ATA and ATABD fan blades have an everincreasing airfoil chord length from the blade root to the fan blade tip. The additional chord length is placed at the leading edge rather than the trailing edge of the blade so that when set at an angle, the widest part of the airfoil is at maximum rotational speed in close proximity to the fan casing. This very wide fan blade tip area allows the ATA and ATABD fans to maximize energy transfer to the fan airstream and minimize noise generation. Canada Blower blower blade pitch can be individually manually adjusted while the fan is stopped. This feature allows the user to balance the present system while affording the flexibility of further possible pitch adjustment in the future.

Canada Blower CBDF fiberglass fan is primarily used for exhausting gases, fumes, and vapors from chemical processes. Straight-through airflow combines the compact advantage of an Canada Blower axial fan with the performance characteristics of a centrifugal fan.

The standard FRP resin used for the Canada Blower CBDF fan is resistant to a large variety of alkalis and other chemical agents. When a corrosion resistant fan is required to withstand chemicals which attack glass or polyester resin, special plastic and reinforcing material can be supplied.