Material handling radial dust collecting fans and fume exhaust blowers, fume collectors and air-fan scrubbers high pressure blowers supply. Industrial sales of high temperature blowers, fume exhaust fans and ventilators, centrifugal and axial inline fans and radial fume exhaust ventilator blower fans for OEM fume exhausters.


Suppliers of industrial flue gas extractors and dust collection blowers, pneumatic conveying dust systems, material hndling air conveyors, industrial flue gas scrubbers and fume collectors

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Centrifugal and axial Chicago Blower - Canada fans and high temperature ventilators.

Fume scrubbers
Designed as vertical packed columns counter-flow systems for the efficient separation of gas-solid or gas-liquid and horizontal cross flow chambers for ease in maintenance. Units are available in stainless steel and mild steel construction, as well as in PVC and FRP.

Manufacturers of heavy-duty industrial dust collectros and fume extractors, dust extracting systems, Canada Blower flue gas incinerators and combustion pressure blower systems, blowers and fans for ovens and dryers, dust collectin baghouses, cyclone dust collectors, air & fume exhaust blower / fan systems, industrial ventilating air exhaust systems, Canada Blower fume and dust exhaust blowers, fans, ventilators.


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