Sales of heavy duty material handling dust collector blowers, radial wheel fans, dust colletor fans and blowers. Quick delivery of big industrial dust collectors and commercial ventilation blower fans, centrifugal and axial explosion proof fans and ventilators, material handling dust collector blowers and material conveying fans.


Sales of industrial high velocity air knives, process air curtain, air-knife pressure blowers, high pressure air canon blowers, blowoff pressurte blower air-knives, high ait volume air-cannon fans, industrial process air blowing systems
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Special Products
   Cyclone Dust Collectors
Axial fans are provided at Canadian Blower with wheel diameters in sizes up to 85 inches, CFM up to 300,000. Axial fans are manufactured with the option of direct drive and belt drive. Pressure up to 14 inches WG.

Cyclone dust collector
Cyclone Dust Collectors are custom made for your exhaust / dust extraction needs. Units for gas-solid and gas-liquid separators are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC and FRP. Hoppers and collection chamber for the cyclone dust collectors are available as well.

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Canada Blower HPBF high pressure fiberglass blower is designed for small, constant air volumes at high static pressures. Canada Blower fan airstream parts are constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic for corrosion resistance to most chemicals. Stainless steel shaft, construction from Dow Vinyl Ester and fire-retardant resin are available as options. When a corrosion resistant fan is required to withstand chemicals that attack glass or polyester resin, special plastic and reinforcing material can be supplied
Designers of Madok heat exchangers, stainless steel pressure blowers, induscr draft ventilators, force draft ventilators, leader ventilators, high pressure centrifugal blowers, high CFM axial fans, high air flow ventilators, dust collecting fans, radial pressure blowers, vacuum blowers & fans, stainless steel ventilation fans, air handling fans, airhandling blowers, FRP pressure blowers, SST pressure fans, oven & dryer circulation fans, drying blowers.

Canada Blower industrial process air knife blower systems with the following features:
- High penetration air knives and air-knife blowers;
- Volume air -knives, air nozzles and air cannons for liquid blow-off applications;
- Air velocities to 40000 Ft/min, air volumes to 1000000 CFM;
- Air blade systems for flat surface cleaning;
- Tempering process air-curtains;
- Precision air guns;
- Fast air cooling and drying;
- Turbulent air nozzles;
- Special materials: aluminum, stainless steel, FRP & high-tech alloy.
* Automotive parts production
* Conveyor parts drying and cleaning
* Beverage bottles blow-off
* Glass sheets conveyorized dryers and cleaners
* Plastic Industry
* Pallets cleaning
* Casting processes
* Air curtains for fume and dust screening
* Food packaging processes
* Conveyor belt cleaning with air-blades