Industrial chemical resistant fiberglass fume exhaust fans and propylene fume fans / blowers / ventilators sales. Quick ship of SST stainless steel blower and fiberglass fans, blowers and ventilators, chemical resistant special fume exhaust fans, sealed pressure blowers and radial fans.


Engineering of industrial dust collector fans and blowers, industrial dust collecting systems, high pressure duct collection blowers and ventilators, industrial baghouse dust collectors, dust conveying system, dust blowing air conveyors, fume & gas air scubbers, high pressure blower wet scrubber systems, air handling fume extractors, industrial fume collectors and gas scrubbers, chmical resistant FRP dust collectors, chemical fumes scrubbers, industrial emmission control fan / blower systems, NOx air handling blower / fan systems and air extractors
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High temperature (up to 2220 F) fans and blowers for industrial combustion and air tempering applications in Buffalo, New York.

Plastec fan ventilator
Fume Hood and chemical exhaust plastic fans are designed according to your special needs. Units are manufactured in Propyelne, PVC, stainless steel, FRP or other materials that are resistant to most chemicals.

Canada Blower - suppliers of industrial flue gas extractors and dust collection blowers, pneumatic conveying dust systems, material hndling air conveyors, industrial flue gas scrubbers and fume collectors.

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Design of industrial process and OEM fans, heavy duty process ventilators, baghouse fans, low leakage fans and blowers, fan / blower impellers, airfoil fans, acoustafoil ventilators, unifoil fans, plant ventilation fans, explosion proof building ventilation fans, TCF twin city ventilators, Sheldons engineering blowers, conveying blowers, air tight blowers & fans, industrial process air curtains, OEM fans / blowers, fume exhausters, dust collectors.
Designers of welding fume and smoke fan / blower ventilators, Canada Blower air compressure blowers, high temperature industrial air exhaust systems, conveyor dust collectors, heat treating conveyorized ovens and dryers for industry, custom build air dryer fans, industrial vacuums and pneumatic conveyors, air and gas dryer ventilators, cyclone and bag dust collectors, industrial cartrige dust collectors, air cyclones, food oven conveyors and dryers, Canada Blower stainless steel blower & fan systems.

Canada Blower MDVH marine duty vaneaxial fan is specifically designed for applications where a heavy duty, compact fan design is required to minimize space, and where corrosion resistance is required against salt and water spray. Common marine duty applications include; machinery ventilation, general bulkhead ventilation, cargo hold ventilation, engine room ventilation, and heating and air conditioning HVAC systems.

Canadian Blower high pressure marine duty fans use a one-piece cast aluminum propeller with fixed pitch ventilator blades. Canada Blower  fan blades can be cut to one of several diameters in order to provide various hub-to-tip ratios. Varying hub-to-tip ratios allow for different fan pressure and efficiency characteristics and the option of having several different fan wheels (different hub ratios) for a set diameter.