Pressure blowers and high temperature industrial process and OEM fans and ventilators sales. Supply of OEM and industrial process pressure blowers, fans and ventilators; wall and roof exhaust fan ventilators, super high pressure large pressure blowers and special OEM large fans.

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High temperature fans, industrial process pressure blowers, high pressure side channel regenerative pressure blowers;
industrial; process and commercial heating; ventilating and air conditioning equipment.

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Oleg Blower Corporation is one of the North America's leaders in providing air movement equipments - fans, blowers, ventilators. We have established  long-standing relationships with many of the industry leading companies.

Our goal is to deliver highest quality fan / blower products and superb service support to our customers. This insures the highest level of our industrial process and OEM customer's satisfaction. We are committed in providing excellent services to our customers, from quotation to the equipment installation and its service.

Today our production is growing, as more and more satisfied customers come back to us. Our commitment to quality service has ensured that we now receive orders from a wide spectrum of industries.

Industrial and commercial fans and blowers

Founded 1995
Sales of industrial fans & blowers, high pressure blowers, centrifugal fans, axial ventilators, roow and wall exhaust and supply fans, material handling blowers & radial fans, scroll cage fan ventilators, high temperature fans and blowers, New York Blower, Twin City Fan / Aerovent, Chicago Blower fans, Peerless Fans, Dayton Ventilators, Sheldons fans & blowers, Canarm Leader ventilators, IAP fans, Industrial Air.
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Canada Blower BAE-DW Centrifugal Fan is designed to handle large volumes of relatively clean air as required in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems and many industrial air supply and exhaust applications. The Canada Blower BAE-DW is constructed with a staggered airfoil wheel for improved sound quality and higher efficiency ratings. The airfoil fan wheel is continuously welded and statically and dynamically balanced on precision electronic balancers to a Balance Quality Grade G6.3 per ANSI / AMCA 204 or better. All Canada Blower fan housings are reinforced with rigid bracing to increase structural integrity.

Canada Blower is a major Industrial and OEM fan and blower manufacturer in North America. Canada Blower fans are well know for their highest manufacturing quality, reliability and industrial toughness for many years across the world.

Canada Blower Centrifugal Fan is a rugged multi-purpose centrifugal fan equipped with an airfoil wheel suited for supply and exhaust air and light duty industrial applications. With  energy efficient airfoil wheel, the airfoil fan provides reliable and quiet operation, even in mildly contaminated air. The fan is also suited for high temperature airstreams.

Canada Blower's airfoil fans are available in standard in four construction classes to meet every application requirement. With air volumes to 300,000 CFM and static pressures to 15" WG and, the range of Airfoil Centrifugal Fans cover the most popular general ventilation systems need and typical mid-to-high range of OEM air-moving machinery designs. Airfoil wheels have true non-overloading horsepower characteristics, mechanical efficiency over 80% and a steep stable pressure curve, ideal for applications with pressure variations. Should actual system pressure reach 30% higher than the pressure anticipated, the airfoil fan would still feliver 90% of the original design air volume